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EMU Australia Paterson Mini Boot

EMU Austraila Paterson Boot

It’s that time again. Time to break out warm boots and cozy fall and winter wardrobe staples. And I would say these EMU Australia Paterson Mini Boots are an ideal boot for the season. They are super comfortable and the best part–they’re waterproof.¬†These don’t have that rounded toe that most sheepskin boots seem to have, so if you want warmth without that look, these would be a great choice. I think they are a little dressier. And boy are they toasty, particularly for people like me who always seem to have cold feet in the winter.

emu-austraila patterson mini boot

The low shaft makes them easy to slip on and off and more packable and ¬†low maintenance for travel. I’ve gotten to really like mini boots because they’re no muss-no fuss. I still can’t believe they’ve found a way to waterproof these. it opens them up to people who live in rainy climates and it makes them much more practical for travel. A run in with some rain or slush isn’t going to make them useless for a few days or worse, ruin them. They’re tough, high quality boots that look sleek and feel great on your feet. They come in several colors, as usual I’m partial to black, but the other colors are worth a look too, I don’t think I’ve ever seen indigo shearling boots before. Find the EMU Australia Paterson Mini HERE.