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Fuse Chicken Titan USB-Lightning Cable


Sometimes it seems like we go through USB cables like tissues. I don’t even think we’re that hard on them, but rather the design just isn’t that great. Longevity is terrible. The cord almost always frays at the tips and they short out. And the other thing I find is that out of the blue, they just stop working with Apple products if they’re not proprietary. And we all know the Apple made cables are the worst. Well now there is a total game changer–the Fuse Chicken Titan. Holy Cow, you can’t break this thing and it’s for real.

Titan Sledge


I was a little skeptical because it seemed too good to be true, but it’s true. The Titan is made with industrial strength steel cable that you can bend and twist, and it goes right back into its original shape and continues to work at 100%. It’s remarkable and I can’t believe someone thought this up–it’s genius. We have coiled and uncoiled it so many times I can’t count. It’s like brand new still, with perfect connectivity every time. And just look at it–it’s as beautiful as it is rugged.


fuse chicken titan


If you have kids or pets, you need this. The dog can’t chew it up and children won’t be able to destroy it. It’s bomb proof. This is hands down the toughest, most badass electronic accessory you will ever come across. I can see this being great for military and anyone out in the field that has to have reliable gear. And for travelers–no more getting stuck because your cord failed. It’s a little bit bulkier and a tiny bit heavier than my other cables, but it’s worth the bulk.




I also can’t believe how affordable this cord is at $35. It’s an excellent deal, and you’ll pay that much for cords that can’t make it through six months. The Titan has a lifetime warrantee and Fuse Chicken says it’s the last cord you will need. Yep, I can see that. But I want one for every room, and my backpack. Find the Fuse Chicken Titan USB-Lightning Cable HERE.