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jamstik+ Smart Guitar

jamstik+ redHave you ever wanted to learn to play guitar? Do you have a child that’s learning? Here is a way to use technology to learn quickly and on the go. jamstik+ and the accompanying app(s) is a solid educational tool for learning to play guitar.


The jamstik+ Smart Guitar would and would ideally be used in conjunction with a real guitar. You would learn and practice on the jamstik+ via the app, then play through what you know on an actual guitar. The strings feel a slightly  different on the jamstik+ and it is not the exact same experience as playing guitar, so it’s not a substitute, but it’s an awesome way to learn and have to use when it’s not convenient or possible to have a guitar.

jamstik+ horizontal

It has real strings and real frets and does a whole lot more than a guitar can do. You must have an iOS device or Mac for this to work. You hook it up via bluetooth, after downloading the app, and a whole world of musical possibilities opens up. It’s compatible with over 1000 other apps too, like Garage Band, and may also be used as a MIDI controller.

The lessons show you where to put your fingers as you are playing. It never needs tuning, and you can learn thousands of songs via apps. Zivix says it’s hands down the easiest way to learn how to play guitar, and I believe them. What I love is that it speaks the current language of tech savvy kids (and adults) and I bet this will get people into playing guitar that would have otherwise never gone near it. It makes playing guitar instantly accessible.

jamstik usig app

What’s awesome about the jamstik+ is that you can take it anywhere. What a great way to ensure your child keeps up with their practice while you’re traveling. It’s also a great way to keep kids busy. You can wear headphones, so no one else has to hear what you are playing. The portability is one of the best features, it will literally fit in a daypack.

jamstik+ blueYou can get the jamstik+ with or without the travel bag, or even buy it separately, and I recommend getting the case for travel and storage at home to keep the instrument pristine. It’s a substantial case, with padding. The jamstik+ comes in Blue, Red, White, Purple and Black. Find the Zivix jamstik+ HERE.