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Nirve Sunflower Bicycle


I always say riding a bike makes me feel like a kid. I ride for transportation and pure joy, and I appreciate a fun bike with great design. Look at this beauty. Talk about feeling like a kid again–if this Nirve Sunflower bicycle doesn’t do it for you, nothing will. I could only dream of a bike like this as a little girl. They didn’t make bikes quite this awesome back then.

The Nirve Sunflower Bicycle is an easy going beach cruiser style. Everywhere I go on the bike, people ask me about it. Who makes it, where to get one, etc. I put this Nantucket basket on the front, and it’s a perfect match–it just looks dreamy. This is what I consider functional art. Even without the spectacular paint job, with pretty metallic blue and joyful sunflowers, it would still be a beatuflul bike. The fenders, the details on the seat, the lines, everything is solid and quality.

nantucket bike basket

The seat is large and comfy, and you’re sitting up. It’s nice not be hunched over, I’m loving the cruiser style for maximum comfort. The ride is smooth and gears shift seamlessly.

It comes in a box and if you know what you are doing, you can assemble it yourself. Or, you can do what I did and have a shop put it together. It comes in three and 7-speed options, the photo above is of the 7-speed, which has white flowers on the brown leather seat and handlebar grips.

This bike is loaded with beautiful details. Look at the flowers in the tire tread. Isn’t that fabulous? I love everything about this bike. I can barely look at it without smiling. Find the NIrve Sunflower Bicycle HERE.