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Serengeti Aerial Sunglasses

serengeti aerial sunglasses

I wear sunglasses year round, and often when it’s not sunny. Living in the Pacific Northwest, particularly during late fall and winter, you get a lot of gray skies. And with that comes a whole lot of glare. And with glare comes eye strain and headaches for me, so I wear sunglasses to help cut down on this. The Serengeti Aeriel Sunglasses are perfect for fall and winter because the patented photochromic lens adjusts to lighting, making them an excellent choice in lower light situations. They are great outdoors and also indoors–on the plane and train, for instance.

I’m wearing the Ariels with the Shiny Hematite lenses and they are wonderful. The temples are ultra comfortable and they are super light weight. I did not realize how much I love these glasses until recently, and they have become my go-to on darker days and evening walks. I find myself forgetting I’m wearing them into stores because of this excellent light-adjusting feature. ┬áThese are perfect for this time of year and for those of us with sensitive eyes. They are made with pilots and drivers in mind, so they’re especially nice for focusing on what’s ahead of you for long periods.

This aviator style is flattering and fashionable. I find they look great with casual clothing and also with dresses and business attire. These are great versatile shades, and they come in a nice case. Find the Serengeti Aerial Sunglasses HERE.