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18 Holiday Gifts for Travelers 2016

gift guide 2016 christmas

What do you get travelers and outdoorsy types for Christmas? Apart from plane tickets, there are so many fun things to wrap and put under the tree that will also be functional and beloved throughout the year. Here is the Best Travel Gear 2016 Holiday Gift Guide consisting of 18 fabulous holiday gifts for travelers and people who love the outdoors.

1. Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler

This short Klean Kanteen 8oz insulated tumbler is perfect for specialty hot drinks like cappuccino and hot spiced apple cider. Give this cup with ingredients for organic lattes or hot buttered rum and you can’t go wrong.

2. Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton Camp Blankets are a necessity and a luxury. The nylon-backed Roll Up Blanket is wonderful for its versatility and good looks. It makes a great presentation with the handle. Perfect to stash in the car for impromptu picnics and road trips. It fits great on a bike rack too.

3. Grand Trunk Flag Hammock

Whether you are commemorating a special trip or celebrating your home town, GT’s flag hammocks make a great gift for those that need a little encouragement to relax.

4. Ibex Pez Poncho Giving clothing can be tricky because of sizing, but with the new Ibex Pez Poncho, you don’t have to worry about that. This is a versatile piece that works with jeans, dresses and skirts. It’s reversible and perfect for travel, offering two options in one piece. Ibex is a high quality wool brand and the Pez Poncho is luxurious and practical.

5. Acorn Slipper Socks

Slipper socks are kind of a holiday classic, right? These are premium. I love the stripey ones, with quality leather soles that give them a cool, rustic look. When you don’t know what to get for someone, these are a solid choice for men and women of all ages.

6. Nantucket Bike Basket

What a great idea to use a bike basket in place of a Christmas wreath on the front door. Isn’t that cute? These are old school baskets that make your bike look beautiful while providing great function. Perfect for the cyclist who loves character and nostalgia.

7. Wooly Wax Mile High Candle

We spent some time in Colorado the last two years, so it was fun to include gifts related to that state, like the Mile High Candle from Wooly Wax. This candle is hand crafted using soy wax, and made with the intention of recreating wonderful memories through smell. Isn’t that a great way to relive a trip? The Mile High Candle isĀ inspired from scents you find in the Rocky Mountain foothills like Ponderosa Pine. The state flag is on the label and this candle offers up to 65 hours of burn time.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 28. Stanley Adventure Happy Hour Set For the truly Happy Camper. This cocktail set is so fun and perfect for adventure travel and camping. For the craft cocktail aficionado, include ingredients for their favorite drink.

9. BearPaw Loki Slippers

Plush, warm and comforting, BearPaw Loki Slippers are an excellent gift for all ages. They come in different colors, so you can get a pair for everyone in the family each in their own color. Because they are super light weight, they’re great slippers for winter travel. The sole is beefy enough to walk outside with to get the mail, or wear around a hotel.

10. Papaya! Pouches

These come in a wide variety of unique designs and offer something different for your travel organization. You can find styles that will really mean something to the person you’re gifting. They’re feminine and fun with the cute tassel and lotus flowers.

11. Costa Sunglasses

A high end pair of sunglasses makes a great gift. This is something people might not always splurge on, but would love to have. One of my favorite brands is Costa, which are so well made and beautiful is a solid pick. This would be a good one to attach an envelope with plane tickets to the tropics.

12. jamstik+ Smart Guitar

The jamstik+ is a smart guitar perfect for travel. What an ingenious way to learn and practice guitar. When you’re on the go, this is a way to play guitar when you can’t take a regular full size instrument. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack and works with your iPad/iPhone and headphones.

13. Patagonia Nano Air Jacket

Anything Patagonia is likely to be a big hit, but this new Nano Air Jacket is full of technology to make it special. It’s a great jacket for men and women who are active and embrace adventure travel. The fabric, while high-tech, is silky soft and it feels luxurious and cozy.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 BTG

14. Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia also has something for foodies and campers. I love gifts like this that are a luxury and practical at the same time. Provisions uses the highest quality organic ingredients and makes delicious meals perfect for backpacking, camping, and emergency food storage. These aren’t your typical dehydrated meals, they’re more along the lines of gourmet. Everybody could use this, it’s an ideal gift.

15. Lander Neve USB Cable

Lander makes awesome reflective USB-Lighning Cables. They’ve recently come out with a 10ft. version which really comes in handy when outlets are scarce. These cords come in a gift worthy box with a lovely presentation. These cords are so nice and so useful I think it’s a great idea to have at least one in each size.

16. Bellroy Phone Pocket

I recommend Bellroy anything for a Chistmass gift that will be cherished. Their stuff is so high end and elegant. It’s the perfect man-gift, especially for those who already have everything. The Bellroy Phone Pocket offers a weatherproof pouch for your most important belongings and it looks beautiful.

17. Orange Screws

These are a fun stocking stuffer. Heavy duty and nice and bright to stand out among other gear, Orange Screws secure your tent, beach shelter, and anything else. There’s an image of one holding down a bison on their website.

18. Smartwool Holiday Socks

Look at these fabulous Charley Harper limited edition wool socks. Aren’t they wonderful and festive with that ruby red iconic cardinal? Smartwool has several holiday sock options that I think would be wonderful to find in your stocking. It’s always nice to get a luxurious pair of socks.