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Ahnu Taraval Slip On Shoe

ahnu taraval slip on shoe

Slip on shoes are wonderful to travel with. You can kick them off to get through the airport, they’re low maintenance and often, they look dressier so they can go casual or business. Check out theĀ Ahnu Taraval Slip On Shoe. Aren’t they cute? I love the minimalist design, with just enough detail to make them interesting.

They’re also super comfortable. Every time I write about Ahnu, I find myself talking about how comfortable they are without the chunky soles I’m used to in my most comfy shoes. These are a little beefier than my Ahnu flats, but still feel low profile and light. Ahnu really knows how to design shoes with maximum comfort in the least amount of weight and that’s why they are awesome for travel. These shoes, I find, run true to size. Find theĀ Ahnu Taraval Slip On Shoe HERE.