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Darn Tough Socks for Fall & Winter

darn tough 927_burgundy

Do you get excited about socks? I do! And I get really excited about my favorites–Darn Tough socks. They are the only socks (that I know of) that are guaranteed for life. Need I say more? Well, they’re gorgeous socks. You can get fun stripey socks, or plain socks, but even the plain ones are rich and beautiful.

darn tough 1923_violet

Here are my picks for this fall and winter. The first and favorite is the Via Ferrata Boot Sock. Look at how pretty these are! They scream Autumn with the saturated warm red and orange. Not quite a knee-sock, they’re a nice height to wear under low boots and with all my other shoes. Not too thick, not too thin, but just exactly right. They are extremely comfy cozy and they are full-cushion for maximum comfort. All the socks I’m recommending here are full-cushion. Next up is another stripe sock, the Summit Stripe. I love this berry color, and they are comfy as can be.

darn tough 1940_smoke

If you like a more low profile sock (but how could you not love fun stripes, right?), these Mountaineering Micro Crew Socks are deep charcoal with ruby red accents. These have extra cushion and they are fantastically comfortable. I need several pairs of these! They are a great versatile height–I find it a good idea to have a lot of variety with thickness and height of my socks to match up with my footwear and activities.

DARN TOUGH SOCKS 2012_Charcoal

Finally, the most hard core of the lot, the Hunter Boot Sock. Darn Tough refers to these socks as “equipment.” They’re basic black and just as nice for urban adventures as in the woods. Cushy and cozy–wear these with some good shoes or boots and you won’t give your feet a second thought.

Before discovering Darn Tough, I almost exclusively wore another popular wool brand. But guess what? They did not last at all. I’d have a hole before the season was up, and this is with wearing slippers at home to protect my socks. With Darn Tough, holes are a non-issue. I’ve never had one! They have unique heels that are made so that you won’t get blisters. Darn Tough is really what socks should be. I warn you, once you wear them, you will be ruined for all other brands. Don’t be surprised if you end up tossing out all your other socks with holes and moving exclusively to these. Find more on the Darn Tough website HERE.