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Exped MegaMat Duo Sleeping Pad

MegaMat Brandenberg

I could not wait to get my hands on the Exped MegaMat Duo Sleeping Pad. The regular size MegaMat is hands down my favorite piece of camping gear I’ve ever had. The comfort level is equal to my bed at home, which is luxe. When they came out with the double, I knew my son and I would no longer have to fight over who gets the “good mat” when we go camping, because this will accommodate both of us, each in our own sleeping bags. This is way easier than using two separate sleeping pads side by side, and offers the most possible comfort.

exped mega mat duo

Since the holidays are coming up, this would be a great excuse to get one for yourself, you know, so your guests have something wonderful to sleep on. Then, when spring comes (or sooner, if you’re a winter camper), you will have an amazing piece of gear.

It’s a great looking mat, soft to the touch with a nice red and charcoal color scheme and beautiful honeycomb pattern. Materials are top notch. To inflate the MegaMat, all you do is open it up and let it breath a little. Then use the included pump to fill with with air.


exped mega mat pump

One of my favorite features is the one-way inflating valve that won’t let air escape (why don’t all mats have this?) and it makes for a non-frustrating experience. There are two valves, one for inflation and one for deflation. To deflate, all you do is open that valve and let the air out. Then you just roll it back up and put it back in the stuff sack. You won’t find a more comfortable camp mat out there, I can promise you that. Find the uber awesome Exped MegaMat Duo Sleeping Pad HERE.