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HydroFlask 32oz Growler


HydroFlask is always innovating and coming out with new portable hydration, and now I think they have come up with my favorite vessel thus far–I say that every time, but this one is really awesome. The HydroFlask 32oz Growler and it is the perfect size for a day out.

This growler is supposed to keep contents cold for 24 hours, but I left it in my car when it was over 80 degrees outside (so way hotter in the car) for two days. While my son and I were out running errands we got super thirsty. I told him to try the growler that was in the console. I said it will probably be boiling at this point, but just open it and see. And guess what? It was cold! After two days of ridiculous heat. It also keeps beverages hot all day, I imagine longer, but I can vouch for leaving with hot coffee in the morning and having hot coffee at 5:00.

So it works like a dream to keep your beverage hot and cold. The other thing I love is the new handle. It is super ergonomic and comfortable–my favorite yet of any brand I’ve tried. Since it’s a loop, you can clip it to stuff with a carabiner. But it’s not like any other loop, the shape is perfect.

HydroFlask stuff does NOT leak–I’m amazed at how many bottles do. The powder coat on the outside keeps it from getting sweaty, so you don’t have to worry about it getting other stuff in your bag wet. I haven’t tried it for beer yet, but that leak proof lid is said to keep carbonation longer.

Like other HydroFlask bottles, it comes in beautiful colors like the cool gray above. It’s so pretty in person. This is my favorite beverage bottle to date, it’s perfect. Ergonomic, high functioning, and beautiful. Find the fabulous new HydroFlask 320z Growler HERE.