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Lojel Lumo CarryOn Suitcase

lojel lumo yellow

Are you traveling this holiday season? I have something to show you that will make holiday travel easier. The new Lojel Lumo luggage collection. Everything could always be lower weight when you travel, right? I’m always changing my gear around to get lighter and lighter. Well check this out. Lojel has come out with an ultra-light weight luggage collection called Lumo. And the Lojel Lumo CarryOn is indeed crazy light weight.

Lojel-lumo montage

Weighing in at 3.9lbs, the Lumo has beautiful lines and rolls smoothly and effortlessly. Lojel is one of my favorite brands because they have elevated luggage to functional art. I love their stuff, and anyone who appreciates beautiful design combined with great function will too.

Lumo-lojel luggage collection

The Lojel Lumo CarryOn comes with some fun extras. You get a shoe bag and accessory pouch with the suitcase. There’s also a built in TSA friendly lock so you don’t have to worry about an extra lock should you decide to check the bag. But you probably won’t want to check it because it’s so manageable and easy to carry on. I love the comfortable handle, and the trolley style. Four wheels are so much better than two–I never want to go back to the two-wheel style again after getting hooked on trolley carryons. It comes in four colors and three sizes.¬†Find the Lojel Lumo CarryOn and other sizes HERE.