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Schwinn Perla Bicycle

schwinn perla bike

If you want a bike to take along with you on your coastal road trip, check out the Schwinn Perla bicycle. It’s affordable, and a fun, carefree bike perfect for flat terrain. Look at the pretty mint paint. It screams Beach. That vintage cruiser look makes you want to ride along the boardwalk, grab an ice cream cone and take in salt air.

The Perla comes with the rack which is great for beach towels, or to bungee a tote to. The seat is wide and comfortable.

schwinn perla

This is an accessible, inexpensive bike and that makes it a great option for travel. ¬†Should the worst happen and someone steals it, it’s not a huge loss. If you have a couple of family members that need bikes–it’s manageable without breaking the bank.

Also, if you are staying put for a while, for instance at a beach house rental or lake cabin, it would be practical to buy it for use on your extended holiday and just give it away or sell it before you go. It could save you money on a car rental and provide a more fun way to get around. I’ve been planning to do this myself on my next month-long Florida trip. Find the¬†Schwinn Perla Bicycle HERE.