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2 Gobi Gear SegSac Travel Organizers

Kickstarter SegSac series outdoors

As an organization freak, I am drawn to anything that streamlines travel and camping and keeps my gear accessible and in order. Gobi Gear has two great tools that will get you organized with very little effort, the SegSac and Compression Sack.

Gobi Gear Seg Sac Blue segments1. SegSac

You know how when you’re packing a backpack that doesn’t have much built-in organization, it’s kind of like a black hole? It’s basically a light weight stuff sack with compartments. So you can keep your stuff separated by category, then cinch it at the top and you’re done. The slippery fabric is easy to slide in and out of your backpack. No more fumbling around trying to find something.¬†¬†Find the Gobi Gear SegSac HERE.

Gobi Gear SegSac Compress 15L size change

2. SegSac Compress 15L

The SegSac Compress 15L is a compression sack to make something bulky get much smaller very easily. It’s very similar to the SegSac in that it’s got the compartment, but this one cinches down, so it’s ideal for clothing. Find the Gobi Gear SegSac Compress 15L HERE.