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Make Your Car Smell Like Christmas

Going on a road trip for the holidays? Then you need your car to smell like Christmas, right? Sweet orange, spruce, clove, cinnamon… GreenAir makes essential oil diffusers for your car (like THIS one), so you can customize your scents and impart fragrance to your vehicle without toxic chemicals. For long road trips, you can put a few drops of rosemary or peppermint in the diffuser to generate wakeful and alert aromatherapy. Cool, huh? For the holidays, when we are driving to visit relatives, going on ski trips, and even driving through the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights, the addition of scents that fit the mood enhances the experience, and it’s so easy to do. Zevana Essential Oils are a great option because they are high quality oils, priced affordably. It’s exciting to create your own blends to fit different moods. By mixing your own holiday blend, you can control the top notes and more subtle scents.

If you prefer to use an oil that is already blended and does not require a diffuser, we love this Lotus Aroma Pine & Balsam Fir blend in the car and in the house. Just a few sprays and you smell forest. You know that sweet, spruce smell that stops you in your tracks when you’re hiking? This is it.