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Maybron Bike Cover

maybron bike cover

It’s getting cold outside! Need a way to store your bike for winter? Check out this Maybron Bike Cover. I have my bike locked up outside with this cover for safe keeping during winter. It’s protecting my bike from rain and dust. There is elastic along the bottom of the cover to keep it nice and snug on your bike. When a heavy wind comes along, the cover stays put with the elastic and the securing buckle strap.

maybron bike cover lockable

There’s also a lock-hole so you can easily lock it up without interfering with the coverage. I have a lock going through that hole, and another lock on the frame. Construction is quality, it’s  thick and well made. I have another bike cover that is nowhere near as substantial as this.

A bike is an investment and it makes a lot of sense to protect it when it’s in the elements and in storage for a while. It comes in a stuff bag, so when you’re not using the cover, just fold it up and put it in the closet nice and net. Find the Maybron Bike Cover on Maybron’s website HERE and on Amazon HERE.