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MyCharge Razor Platinum Powerbank


Here is a Must Have for holiday travel (and any other kind of travel). Check this out guys–a portable powerbank charger that works on your MacBook! WooHoo! The MyCharge Razor Platinum is about the same size as my other large chargers, but it does so much more by charging my laptop.

Do you have one of the new MacBooks? If you do (besides likely being hugely disappointed) you have to deal with that new annoying USB-C cable. Well now there’s a reason to like it because this is super convenient for travelers. The MyCharge Razor Platinum will charge your MacBook in 100 minutes. It also charges your other devices, and you can charge them simultaneously.

MyCharge Razor Platinum 2

I have to say, this is the best powerbank I’ve come across. It’s 6 inches x 4 inches and worth it’s weight in gold when you need it. This charger has smart capabilities to ensure it’s matched up to appropriate devices and also charges up to 65% faster than other powerbanks. The silver looks great next to my MacBook and iPhone, almost as though it’s a set. If you are traveling over the holidays, or even need a surefire gift for a traveler, this bad boy fits the bill. Find the MyCharge Razor Platinum HERE.