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Polygiene Odor Control Fabrics

Don’t you love recent technology that enhances our travel and outdoor clothing? Stuff that is naturally insect repellent, odor resistant and long wearing is exciting to me because I travel light and I like low maintenance clothing. Polygiene is the new kid on the block in odor control technology.

I was happy to learn one of my favorite brands is adopting this technology. Toad & Co offers the Swifty Tunic and Grandstand Tights. Another upside to odor resistant clothing is that people can back off toxic, carcinogenic deodorants. A natural deodorant like Bubble & Bee Pit Putty combined with Polygiene clothing makes me stink-proof even in the most active situations and all day long.

These fabrics allow you to delay doing laundry saving you time and money. It’s perfect for travel when you don’t have access to washing machines, and who wants to spend precious time on that when you’re exploring a new location anyway. Look for Polygiene in other brands like Patagonia and Athleta as more and more product gets rolled out in the near future. Find out more HERE.