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3 Ways to Keep Your Hands Toasty Warm

We’re in that stretch of winter now where it seems like it’s never going to warm up again. Best to enjoy the cold, right? Get outside and enjoy snow and winter weather activities. If you are anything like me, your hands and feet get really cold during the winter. And when my extremities are cold, my whole body is cold. It’s not that hard to remedy though, here are 3 ways to keep your hands toasty warm with Isotoner and ThermaCELL.

isotoner Women’s Multi Color Space-Dye Mittens

Look at how sweet these are. With cute little hearts in the palms and cozy butter soft sherpa lining,
these are adorable and instantly warm up cold hands. The hearts are just too cute.
Valentines’ Day is coming up and I think these would be a fabulous, sure-thing gift. Find them HERE.


isotoner Women’s SleekHeat™ Packable Cuff smarTouch® Gloves

isotoner’s new SleekHeat gloves are surprisingly warm for how light and thin they are. They feel great on your hands and allow for flexibility and movement while providing the kind of warmth bulkier gloves offer. They’re kind of amazing. My son and I fight over who gets to wear them. He loves them for riding his bike because they give him full range of movement for shifting gears, braking, etc. I love them for the warmth they provide and for allowing me to use my devices while wearing them due to smartTouch. There is a little pocket in the cuff which creates a stuff sack to pack them down even smaller for travel. Find them HERE.


ThermaCELL Heat Packs

Last but not least, ThermaCELL has created USB-chargable hand warmers called Heat Packs. These work just like the old fashioned kind, but they’re reusable and more durable.

Each package comes with two hand warmers, two USB cords, and a wall charger. In four hours of charging, the hand warmers are ready to go and will produce heat for up to six hours. These don’t give your hands that clammy feeling the old kind can cause and they are light weight and thin. Easy to slip in your gloves and pockets (I have mittens that have hand warmer pockets made specifically for this and they work great). They’re no muss, no fuss and that’s what I look for in my gear. Find ThermaCELL Heat Packs HERE.