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Sanuk Calichill Sidewalk Surfers

No matter how light you like to pack, never travel with just one pair of shoes. I’ve tried it, it never works because feet don’t like to wear the same shoes for prolonged periods. They get sore, sweaty and they need a break by switching shoes. At a minimum, you have one pair you wear, and another pair in your carryon. In the winter, this is a challenge. Enter the Sanuk Calichill Sidewalk Surfers. These are the perfect second or even third pair because they take up very little space and they are ultra light. The shoe equivalent to flip flops.

The Sanuk Calichill Sidewalk Surfers is cozy and furry on the inside and also soft on the outside. These are indoor shoes–or outdoors in dry conditions. These are not shoes you want to go hiking in, or wear in snow, but they are perfect for afterwards. I’ve worn boots that got way too hot on my feet at the airport during winter travel and had to grab Sanuks out of my bag for relief. What a luxury! Sanuk Calichills are compact enough to keep in your daypack or even purse (in a shoe protector bag). A winter travel staple. Find the Sanuk Calichill Sidewalk SurfersĀ HERE.