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Skinny and Company Travel Kit

If it’s coconut–real coconut–chances are about 100% I’m going to love it. Coconut is one of my favorite things–to eat, to drink, and use as body care. It’s nectar of the gods. Look at this cool Skinny and Company Travel Kit.

Did you know how great it is for your skin? I use it almost every day. Why leave it behind when traveling? There are ways to make it perfectly manageable, like Skinny & Co has done with these TSA friendly jars and individual formulas made for specific uses.

I warn you now, the sugar scrub smells so good you’ll want to eat it. You actually can eat it and really, you should be able to eat anything you put on your skin because it absorbs into your bloodstream much faster than something you eat. That’s why these products are so great, they’re completely safe and non toxic, which, sad to say is not the case with most body care out there.

This sugar scrub just smells like yummy comforting cookies or something. It’s divine and feels great on skin. I’m using it on my face (though meant as a body scrub) because it’s so dry right now, and this is helping to keep me velvety soft. It’s major aromatherapy too. The Whipped Body Butter is perfect for slathering all over your body post-shower. It absorbs right into skin easily due to Skinny & Co’s patented process of extracting raw coconut oil preserving the nutrients and medium chain fatty acids.

The Skinny and Company Travel Kit also comes with straight Coconut Oil, Bar Soap, Lip Tube, Facial Oil, Lip Tube, and Oil Pulling Oil for your teeth (oil pulling is when you swish it around through your teeth to clean your teeth and nourish gums). It also comes with a cute bamboo spoon for scooping oils out of the jars.

I love the glass jars. These make it heavier, but it’s so nice to use a jar with contents you know are not leaching plastic.

Synthetic fragrance found in most hotel bath amenities gives me an instant migraine, so I always bring my own. Coconut smells delicious, but it doesn’t contain carcinogens those other products have. Honestly, I’m shocked that people are still using those big brand body products when there are mountains of evidence how dangerous they are.

We know parabens cause cancer, but that’s just one of a many common carcinogens that most people are aware of. If you go down the list and check ingredients in the leading perfumes and body products (Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep is a great recourse for this), you realize very quickly how toxic that stuff is. That is why products like Skinny and Company Travel Kit are so important, because they provide a safe, effective alternative that to me is much more luxurious than those froo-froo toxic brands. Find this kit and more HERE.