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How to Care for Wool: WonderLint Fabric Shaver

Do you wear a lot of wool and fleece? I sure do. And while I love those fabrics, they pill and start looking ratty over time. There is an easy fix for this: House of Wonderful’s WonderLint Fabric Shaver.

This fabric shaver will make your clothes look brand new, it’s amazing! I’ve tried it on my beloved wool pieces and it takes those little pill balls right off without damaging the integrity of the wool, even cashmere. I’ve also used it on fleece, a down jacket that was pilling at the sleeves, and even lingerie. I had some favorite bras that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out because they’re so comfortable, but they were just sitting in the back of my drawer. When I tried the WonderLint Fabric Shaver on my bras, I was thrilled to see the little pills disappear and the bras come back to life. This may not seem like a big deal, but you ladies will get it.

Another thing the WonderLint works well on is socks. I covet my nice wool socks and I hate to see the gross pills on the heels. This little machine takes them right off in a few seconds.

The Wonderlint is a nice looking matte black appliance. It comes with a velvet bag, extra blades and a little brush to clean the blades after use. You also have the option of using batteries or a plug-in cord. It’s very straight forward and simple to use, just go slow on more delicate fabric.

You can get cheaper fabric shavers, but they’re cheaply made and tend to either burn out quickly or fall apart, at least the ones I’ve tried. This one seems more substantial to me. House of Wonderful says that at any time, if this product fails, they will replace it for free. That is Huge, right? The WonderLint Fabric Shaver is a must-have for maintaining your expensive clothing, find it HERE.