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Kryptonite Keeper Fold Lock 695

kryptonit keeper lockThe Kryptonite Keeper Fold Lock 695 is a new Kryptonite lock designed for quick city stops, or longer stops in the suburbs and more rural areas. It’s a level 4 security lock, so not one of the most secure, but it is light weight, simple to use, and covered by Kryptonite’s theft protection program.

kryptonite keeper fold

I like to mix and match Krytpotonite locks, so if I feel I need extra security, I’ll double up with a U-Lock and something beefy like the Keeper. For a trip to the grocery store, or places I know and feel comfortable, I find this lock more than adequate. It looks cool too.

What’s super cool about the Kryptonite Keeper Fold Lock 695┬áis how easy it is to mount to your bike via velcro straps. It comes with the mount and it takes about two seconds to attach to your bicycle. This way, you can bring it with you on trips where you’ll have rental bikes, or you can interchange with your bikes at home. We switch up bikes all the time and it’s nice to not have to get the tools out to change accessories.

Kryptonite Keeper FoldThis lock is coated with fabric so it won’t scratch up your bike. Under the fabric is a steel link chain that is flexible and easy to manage. I think this would be a great kid lock, and nice for travel. I always triple lock my bikes while transporting on my car, and this is a great one for connecting two bikes together. Find the Kryptonite Keeper Fold 695 Bike Lock HERE.