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Kelty Linger Get Down Camp Chair

kelty linger get down chairThe Kelty Linger Get Down Camp Chair is my new favorite ultra-portable camp chair. A nice high back to rest my head and it’s so portable, it’s going everywhere with me this summer.

This chair is capable of holding 300lbs, but it only weighs 3.5lbs. Compared to other chairs I have in this style, the Kelty seems really big. It kind of cradles you and it feels very secure.

kelty linger get down chairI put this together in about two minutes without ever looking at any directions, it’s totally intuitive. The springy pieces almost snap together by themselves. It’s just as quick to dismantle and easy to get back into the bag with zero struggle. The carry bag can loop through the chair so it won’t blow away in wind.


This chair is perfect for camping, festivals, and day trips to the park. You will not believe how comfortable it is until you sit down. The small, light weight carry bag makes it a cinch to take with you anywhere. I can’t wait to enjoy summer campfires in this baby. Find the Kelty Linger Get Down Camp Chair HERE.