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Chaco Wrapsody X Slide Sandals

chaco wrapsodyChaco Wrapsody Slides are my new favorite sandal. All these years of wearing Chacos and I’ve never tried this style. I like a slide. I actually prefer a slide. They’re easy to slip on and off at the airport, and at home. It’s wonderful not to have to fool around with buckles or clasps, just slide your foot in and go. I wear flip flops all the time for this reason, now I have another option.

chaco wrapsodyChacos have great arch support and the Wrapsody X Sandals are no exception. Look at that beefy sole, and how it comes up at the arch, isn’t that great? I think it helps keep the slide on as well. These babies stay on, they are fully adjustable–every single strap is–so you can customize the fit perfectly. The last strap has a clasp that you can tighten to ensure they don’t fall off. The absence of the back-strap present in other sandals means one less thing to rub against your skin, creating a more comfortable fit.

chaco wrapsody

The Chaco Wrapsody X is a great looking sandal that has versatility. Wear them with cropped pants, skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses–they work with all your summer clothes. Appropriate for everything from the Farmers’ Market to the beach, then out to dinner, this is an ideal travel sandal. I especially love them for water activities. These sandals come in different colors, but I really like the charcoal gray “Quito Night.” Those little “stars” have a retro look and they’re so cute and feminine. This sandal matches everything, and if you are in a slightly dressy situation, say something that requires a sundress and sandals, I think you could get away with these. Find the Chaco Wrapsody X HERE.