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Slumberjack Summer Camping Gear: Cot & Sleeping Bag

slumberjack cot & sleeping bag

Are you as excited about summer camping as I am? It seems like winter dragged on forever this year and I can’t wait to smell campfire again. This is the time of year I obsess about camping gear, inventory the stuff I have and look for new items that will enhance our outdoor experience. Sleep is at the top of my list for enjoyable camping trips and anything that will make sleep easier is tops with me. This Slumberjack cot & sleeping bag offer off-the-ground comfort.

slumberjack cot & sleeping bagSlumberjack Emergency Cot

It’s nice and luxurious to have an elevated sleeping experience and the Slumberjack Emergency oct gets you up off the ground. It’s super fast to set up–seconds. For me, a sleep pad is needed between the cot and sleeping bag for added cush, but my son said he liked it just fine without a pad.

We have the Slumerjack Big Lux Cot, and it definitely is more comfortable with that included pad, but what I like about the Emergency Cot is that it is lighter and shorter, so it’s slightly easier to maneuver and it fits in more places. You can always add a pad. This is an awesome thing to have at home for guests. I personally like a cot better than an inflatable bed.¬†Find the Slumberjack Emergency Cot HERE.


slumberjack cot & sleeping bag

Slumberjack Sojourn 20 Sleeping Bag

I admit, the good looks of the Sojourn 20 is what caught my eye. This bag is gray and black with contrasting yellow accents. It’s a handsome design. My son commandeered it immediately, informing me it was going to be his sleeping bag. But, it’s still a little big for a 12 year old, so he’s going to have to hold off a few years until it fits just right (he’s using it anyway because he loves it so much).


This is a roomy bag for an adult. The loft is cozy and DriDown so if it gets wet, it will still keep you dry, it’s not going to get all soggy like a drowned cat the way regular down does when it’s wet. The “Arms Out” feature allows you to easily pull your arms out to grab a flashlight and the spacious toe box gives your feet and toes breathing room. I also love how there are zippers on both sides–if you get claustrophobic in a mummy bag, I bet this one wouldn’t bother you.

It comes with a stuff sack and packs down small and tight. There’s also a big net storage bag to keep your bag nice and loose between use (it’s always best for the loft to store your sleeping bags in a mesh sack like this if you have room). It’s a great all-around sleeping bag for summer camping and a good value. Combine it with the cot and you’re all set!¬†Find the Slumberjack Sojourn 20 HERE.