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Black Diamond Iota Rechargeable Headlamp

black diamond iota headlampBlack Diamond creates the best lighting options for outdoor use, I love their products. They keep innovating and each year they just keep getting better and better. Check out the new Iota Headlamp. This baby is rechargeable by USB.

This is Black Diamond’s smallest headlamp. It’s ultralight, and shines up to 150 lumens. It’s amazing how much light this small headlamp puts out. Powered by the rechargeable lithium battery that lasts about three hours (longer if dimmed), you can charge with the USB port in your car, a laptop or a wall outlet. You can tell how charged up it is by the indicator light. When you put it into your pack, you can ensure it won’t get accidentally turned on, just hold the button down until it flashes blue to lock it. It also has a strobe.

The Iota is dimmable and also features a cool method of changing brightness levels. You just table the little light icon on the side of the Iota and you can switch back and forth from high to low beam. The logo on the headband is reflective and easy to spot and the casing for the light is water resistant.  This is an awesome little headlamp, the only thing I wish it had was a red light feature. I bet 2.0 will. Find the Black Diamond Iota Headlamp HERE.