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Sandman Alarm Clock with USB Ports

sandman alarm clock with usb ports

I often embrace the less is more philosophy with the stuff in my life. Sometimes you just don’t want a ton of bells and whistles, you just want to get the job done. Check out this Sandman Alarm Clock with USB Ports. Its job is to tell you the time, wake you up, and charge your devices, and it gets it done as simple as that. sandman alarm clock with usb ports2It comes in black or white. I like the clean modern white option and I love the giant auto-dimming illuminated numerals. It is ultra light weight and acceptable for travel, particularly if you are one of those people who is paranoid about being up in time for an early meeting or flight. This way you’ve got back-up and a device charger all in one.

sandman alarm clock with usb ports2

You can charge four devices. See how simple it is? I always unplug clocks in hotel rooms. I’ve been startled one too many times and I don’t like to hassle with complicated systems. This is straight up no muss-no fuss. Find the Sandman Alarm Cloth with USB Ports HERE.