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Big Agnes Helinox Rocker Camp Chair

The new Big Agnes Helinox Rocker is a light weight camp rocking chair. Named “Chair Two” because it’s a modification on the original Chair One frame, this rocker comes in a small, ultra-portable tote bag that begs to go everywhere with you.

Once out of the bag, it practically sets itself up. I’ve never tried Chair One, but the Rocker is similar to the non-rocking Helinox Sunset Chair. The rocking feet just snap onto the regular feet and the top is a little shorter, and it’s overall a little snugger. So it’s two chairs in one, a rocker or not, depending on your mood. The rockers come in a separate bag so that you can chose to leave them behind to lighten your load.

big agnes helinox rocker

This is a beautiful chair. Mad props to the designers who came up with the Helinox style. The blue is so pretty and energizing and contrasts nicely with the jet black. It comes in other colors too, but the blue is especially gorgeous. Even the font on the tote is cool, and you can stuff it with clothes and attach it to the chair via velcro to use as a pillow. Find the Helinox Rocker HERE.helinox sunset chair
Big Agnes has outdone themselves with the new Helinox Sunset Chair. How they managed to make such a comfortable chair so lightweight and packable I don’t know, but I want to see more of this. We took it camping and fought over it. It’s perfect for small car camping, because it takes up very little space in the car.

The thing that’s always disappointing to me about a lot of camp chairs, especially the ultra-light ones, is that you can’t put your head back because the chair doesn’t come up high enough. Not to be confused with Big Agnes’s regular Helinox Chair which has the back that comes down lower, the Helinox Sunset Chair has that sinking soothing comfort of a hammock. There’s no other camp chair in its category that is this comfortable. Weighing in at just 3lbs, it’s a luxury that’s no problem to take along, and it comes in a convenient stuff sack.

Use the Helinox for summer get togethers and concerts at the park. And ps–it’s Beautiful. I love the metallic blue against the black. A must have for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors, find the Helinox Sunset Chair HERE.