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LifeHammer Evolution Car Escape Tool

lifehammer evolution

Roadtripping this summer? Do you have a device in your car to help you escape should you find yourself in water? The LifeHammer Evolution is a vehicle escape tool that has a spring loaded ceramic punch designed to shatter your car window, even under water. This tool is meant to be easy enough for a kid to use. The idea is to give you a way out should your car become submerged. It gives me the chills just writing that, but it is something we should think of, and it’s more important that a spare tire for sure.

lifehammer evolution2

It reloads itself so it can be used repeatedly. On the bottom of the LifeHammer Evolution is a seatbelt cutter. So if your seatbelt won’t come loose for whatever reason, you can just cut it off. It comes with a mounting bracket so that you can mount it within easy reach. Thank goodness I haven’t been able to test it for real, but it definitely gives me peace of mind to have it in the car. Find the LifeHammer Evolution HERE.