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Outdoor Tech Kodiak Plus 2.0

outdoor tech kodiakI always have at least one power bank with me when I travel and camp. Usually a small one in whatever I’m using as a purse, and a big one for my personal bag on the plane. That way, when we run out of power (and one of us usually does at some point), we don’t sweat it because we have backup. When camping, we keep them in our backpacks. The Outdoor Tech is a wonderful choice for outdoor pursuits because it’s waterproof. outdoor tech kodiakThis makes it nice for your emergency kit too. A built in 6-LED light that glows red or white makes it even better for camping and emergency. There are two ports so you can charge more than one device at a time. The ports are covered to keep dust out. A power indicator lets you know when you are getting low on energy. The Rechargeable 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery charges your iPhone up to three times–I charged my 6 Plus and had plenty of power left over. We used it multiple times on one trip without recharging the Kodiak, but obviously your milage will vary depending on your devices

Look at it. Isn’t this a great looking power bank? That bright red makes it so easy to see among all my (mostly black) stuff. It feels great in your hand too, that easy to grip rubbery texture gives it some shock absorbency and is velvety soft. I like the geometric pattern and of course the Big Foot always makes me smile. Find the Outdoor Tech Kodiak 2.0 HERE.