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Campfire Cooking: GSI Outdoors Anodized Dutch Oven

gsi outdoors anodized dutch oven

The GSI Outdoors Anodized Dutch Oven is a wonderful way to enjoy campfire cooking. I love the concept of a one-pot meal, and this will allow you to prepare one easily and with the ambiance of watching it cook over open flame.

gsi outdoors anodized dutch oven

The GSI Outdoors Anodized Dutch Oven is a lighter weight option compared to a cast iron dutch oven. This makes it easier to bring along, and easier to handle. You just put the coals on top of the lid and then you get the heat top to bottom. You need one of these Lid Lifters. I’m new at this, but started out with an easy baked ziti. Everyone loved it. Every so often, I lifted the lid to check on the meal–you lose heat when you do that, but I’m still learning and wanted to make sure it didn’t burn. The coals on the top baked the cheese into the pasta, it didn’t take long at all to be ready, maybe 15-20 minutes tops. There were five of us and the 10 inch pot made enough to feed everyone.

GSI Outdoors Anodized Dutch Oven

I can’t wait to try black bean casserole with cornbread on top, Thai red curry, and cinnamon rolls. I have a list of stuff I’m excited about preparing. There’s just something about cooking over an open flame from the campfire that is thrilling. It appeals to that primal part of you, that part that yearns to cook with fire. Find the GSI Outdoors Anodized Dutch Oven HERE.