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Not In My Backyard Bug Repellants

not in my backyard

Want some innovative ways to keep mosquitos away? Not In My Backyard makes several products that are perfect for patios and for camping. I tested these camping and found them effective.

not in my backyard

These Silicone Wearable Bands keep bugs away with six refills and no sticky gross spray, lotion or gel to deal with. I love this! All you have to do is refill.

They work by emitting geraniol, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oil, which are more effective than citronella to keep pesky mosquitos away.

Wear them hiking, camping, and any time you want to be outside without being harassed and bit.

I also liked the clip on version of these little pods (the small pod on the left). I clipped them to my collar because I hate it when mosquitos buzz around my face. It worked for me.

For the picnic table, try one of the Tabletop Diffusers. These are cute too, with a nice, modern and colorful look that adds ambiance to the table.

They even collapse for storage which is fabulous and makes them nice and portable for picnics at the park and to take along camping.

They don’t create an overbearing scent that interferes with enjoying your food.

not in my backyardAnother great thing for camping is the Travel Handheld Bug Zapper. You can swat the bug and kill it with the electrical current in the “net.” It runs on two AA batteries and the handle folds for easy storage.

All of these options are wonderful for people who, like me, are sensitive to scent and can’t stand the feeling of bug sprays and creams on your skin. I wouldn’t dream of using anything with Deet or other carcinogens and toxic ingredients. These are safe alternatives that work and don’t make you nauseous with the smell.

I think they are really great for people with kids and animals too. And–they are nice for your emergency kit. After hurricanes for instance, there tend to be more mosquitos because of sitting water. Find out more HERE.