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Eagle Creek Gear Warrior AWD CarryOn

eagle creek gear warrior

A couple of years ago I took the Eagle Creek Adventure CarryOn for a spin, and I’ve been hooked on the trolley style since. Four wheels are smoother and easier to pull along, the difference for me is huge. With Eagle Creek, you can still get rugged expedition quality with the luxury of four wheels. The Eagle Creek Gear Warrior is a tough, heavy duty suitcase with the luxury of four wheels and other features that make it

eagle creek gear warrior

This bag has grab handles all over it so no matter how it’s placed in any cargo bin, it’s easy to get out. An expandable compartment gives you the flexibility to add to your stuff on your trip. My strategy is to make sure this compartment is fully zipped to its smallest capacity on the way out, and if I want to buy something on my travels, there’s room to bring it home by unzipping that compartment. Every bag should have this feature.

I like the look of the Gear Warrior. It matches the XTA Backpack perfectly, and I strongly recommend this pack for your daypack/personal item carryon for the plane. It slips right over the handle for hands free carry and it’s an awesome little backpack.

The Eagle Creek Gear Warrior AWD CarryOn has all the features you’ve come to expect with Eagle Creek, like compression straps, id tag, zip compartments, reflective zipper pulls, good organization, and even a bottle opener.

All Eagle Creek goods are backed by their no matter what guarantee which will replace or repair your back wherever you are. So if your wheel comes off on a European cobblestone street (it’s happened to me), you contact Eagle Creek and they will get you a new bag for the rest of your trip. Can’t beat that kind of dedication to a great product. Find the Eagle Creek Gear Warrior AWD HERE.