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Men’s Forsake Freestyle Shoe

forsake freestyle

The men’s Forsake Freestyle Shoe is a laced slip on that’s great for travel. Think airport security. My son has been wearing these and says they are comfortable and they seem to be the shoes he reaches for first. Neither of us had ever heard of Forsake before, so it was a great introduction to the brand. The silver metal hiking boot style loops add to the design, and to me they look like a slide-hiker-athletic shoe hybrid. The Freestyle offers good traction making them great on trails.

They’ve got elasticized shoe strings which I don’t think I’ve ever seen, and waterproof materials keep your feet dry. My son has worn them in rain without getting his feet wet, with jeans, sweatpants and shorts. I like that they ¬†have some versatility with looking more or less dressy depending on the outfit.¬†Find the Forsake Freestyle HERE.