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2 Must Have Toad&Co Tees for Fall

toad co tee

Toad&Co makes the most comfortable, wearable, travel friendly tee shirts out there. I’m hooked on the long sleeve Marley tee and every year I get excited about the new colors. If you don’t have at least one Marley Tee, you need to try it. I have one from almost ten years ago that I still wear all the time. They are so well made that they last forever. The fabric is soft and gets even softer over time. The organic cotton-tencel blend creates the same stink-free scenario wool does, making it an excellent travel top. It gives me peace of mind to know toxic pesticides are not against my skin. If I had to pick only one top out of my closet to wear forever, it would the the Marley. This year I”m loving the Mariner Blue, which is like a dark cobalt. Find the Marley HERE.

toad co sia

The second top is the Sia. Side buttons are functional and you can keep them buttoned or open, giving you different options for the look you want. I like a side slit, it’s a nice tunic style. And it looks great buttoned too, give something unexpected there with the buttons and the top comes down over your bum a bit, so it would be great to wear with yoga pants. That same cozy, eco friendly organic cotton-tercel blend provides great comfort. The neck comes up a little higher than the Marley, offering a little more warmth for windy autumn days. It comes in several colors, I’m loving the black. Find the Sia HERE.