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Men’s Vasque Trailbender Shoes

mens vasque trailbender

My son and I wore the same size shoe for the last year and we would fight over athletic shoes with a beefy, cushy sole. He was always sneaking off with my favorite shoes because they were the most comfortable. Well now he’s outgrown my shoes, which is bittersweet, because as annoying as that was, it was also fun. Luckily, there are some awesome men’s shoes out there that he he likes as much as mine.

mens vasque trailbenderEnter the Vasque Trailbender. Finally a shoe he got really excited about! He loves them. He’s been talking about how comfortable his feet are and how they’re the best shoes ever, etc. They fit his lifestyle perfectly offering the ability to hike but without the clunk and weight. They’re made specifically for trail running, but they work for everything. He wears them cycling, running, hiking, and while he’s playing basketball. I don’t know if he’s ever going to be willing to wear a different shoe, that’s how much he loves them.

This is a great shoe for fall, has good ventilation and moisture wicking lining and two color options for a different looks. Find the men’s Vasque Trailbender HERE.