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Cozy Nordic Turtlefur Hats

turtlefur hats

I’ve been wearing hats nearly every day this winter and I’m thrilled to have discovered a new brand, Turtlefur hats keep me warm and look cute too. With a cozy band of fleece that wraps around your head and keeps the wool from itching, these hats are well made and scream quality. These are the kind of hats that will last you forever.

Look at this Snowflakes ‘N Stuff hat. It’s prettier in person with turquoise blue, green and purple snowflakes and Nordic patterns. Thin enough to stuff in your pocket, but thick enough to provide plenty of warmth, this is a great hat for travel and everyday use.

turtlefur hats


I also love this Twiggly Tassel Beanie. I wear a lot of grey, white and black, so this matches my travel wardrobe perfectly and it has a festive, Nordic look. It’s a little bulkier and oh so cozy! Very flattering to the face too.

The secret to keeping warm in the winter is to keep your head, feet and core warm. If you do that, you’ll be infinitely more comfortable out in the winter elements. Check out Turtlefur for more awesome hats, they have a fabulous selection and would make an excellent last minute Christmas gift. They also have other winter accessories like mittens and hand warmers–perfect for the stocking!