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No Slipping on Ice & Snow with Yaktrax


You can avoid slipping and sliding on icy trails and sidewalks with Yatrax. Things can get really hairy on sidewalks in places that don’t get snow often because there’s no infrastructure to deal with it. Sidewalks can have thick ice on them for days, and without something on your feet to get traction, it’s a slippery endeavor. I speak from experience.

The Yaktrax Pro is perfect for this. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of traction with a patented coil design that wraps around your shoe or boot and grips the ice keeping you from landing on your bum, or worse. There’s a stretch rubber frame around the coils and you just pull it over your shoes, no struggle. They come off easily too. These are a great choice for kids, there’s nothing that is going to poke them and they’re so easy to use. They work great in snow and ice to keep you stable. Find the Yaktrax Pro HERE.


For trails in the woods, you want the Diamond Grip Yaktrax. Same idea, but really teethy grips that are much more heavy duty for thicker ice and terrain. Diamond shaped beads are what provides the traction with these, and they swivel, so there’s no buildup of snow. They’re also easy to get on and off, but the are slightly heavier than the Pro’s. Both are entirely packable and easy to travel with. Find the Diamond Grip Yaktrax¬†HERE.