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Royal Robbins Longs Peak Hoody

royal robbins longs peak hoodyNeed some fleece to keep you warm, but not too warm? The Royal Robbins Longs Peak Hoody, with its cute toggle closures offers up some light weight warmth and style. This hoody is part of the Performance Sweater Collection, which seeks to make sweaters “gear.”

royal robbins longs peak hoody

Performance fabric makes this a quick drying sweater so if you need to wash it in a hotel sink, no problem. It also stays warm when you get caught in the rain, similar to wool. It has that textured wool look, but it’s made with technical polyester known as Sweatercraft Fleece.

I’m loving the combination of style and function. This sweater has a nifty secret zip pocket hidden inside the right pocket.

The Royal Robbins Longs Peak Hoody us light weight, full of style and will give you that extra layer you need to keep warm. Find it HERE.