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BearPaw NeverWet Kennedy Boots

Are your feet cold? Mine stay pretty cold from November to March but I’ve been mitigating that with cozy shearling boots. Check out these BearPaw NeverWet Kennedy Boots. They are something different in the ay of shearling boots, with a lovely grommet detail on the front.

NeverWet means they can be worn in rainy or slushy weather without getting wrecked like other shearling boots. In the past I’ve been very careful with my boots for this reason, only wearing them on dry days. But the new water resistant technologies that have come out in the last couple of years are welcome game changers, especially for those of us who live in rainy climates.

An eight inch height makes it a versatile boot that you can wear when it’s not freezing cold and not overheat. They look cute with a sweater dress, skinny jeans, and leggings. They are light weight, so fine for travel. The Kennedy comes in a variety of colors, I really like the jet black with gunmetal grommets.

I’m a big fan of BearPaw because they offer a huge selection of shearling boots at an affordable price.

I find they run short, so I had to size up with these. My normal size is 9, but in BearPaw, it’s 9 or 10. Find the¬†BearPaw NeverWet Kennedy Boots HERE.