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Men’s Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie


If you are a merino wool junkie like me then the Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie is a must have. Merino wool is my travel go-to year round as it is exceptionally versatile in regulating body temperature, making it well suited to a wider range of temperatures. It naturally wicks moisture, and remaining odor resistant. It holds it’s shape and will keep you dry when wet and it dries quickly.

TAD’s Active merino is of the highest quality. This hoodie has a more athletic fit that dresses up the hoodie a bit while remaining cozy. The hood is quite generous and was perfect for napping on the train and staying warm on the trail. The elbows are reinforced and the construction promises years of hard use.

I find merino to be far more versatile under a wide range of temperatures than other fabrics and the perfect mid-layer for colder outings. The sleeves feature thumb holes that make layering easier and hands warmer. This hoodie has traveled with me on several winter hikes where it handled sweat well and I was soaked out on the shooting range on a rainy day but still managed to stay warm.

I have found I never want to take it off and tend to wear it whenever I’m not in the office. I have determined that this is one of those garments I’m going to need in more than one color as it’s combination of style and function make it the perfect travel companion. Find the Triple Aught Design Praetorian Hoodie HERE.

  • Guest post by Scott