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Mystery Ranch Mission Wheelie 40

Mystery Ranch Mission Wheelie 40
The only thing missing from the  Mystery Ranch Mission Wheelie 40 is 4 wheels which I’m sure were omitted in favor of durability. Ridiculous durability. This bag is built. Built of 1000D Cordura on a hybrid, compression-molded shell combined with a flexible EVA foam exterior with a molded polycarbonate plastic interior to provide optimal cushion and rigidity for the long-haul.

The pair of wheels under this bag are large diameter and burley. I loved the internal roll up laundry bag which was great for keeping wet or soiled clothes away from the clean clothes. The shoe compartment kept my shoes away from the other contents and proved to be a great spot for dog food on one of my trips.

Mystery Ranch Mission Wheelie 40There are 4 internal pockets which were handy for keeping smaller items organized and handy for containing a leaky shampoo bottle. The water-proof zippers and bar tacked and double stitched areas are in line with Mystery Ranch’s built for battle lineage. I managed to pack a week’s worth of gear and a spare laptop into this bag on a recent trip and still squeeze into the overhead compartment.


Mystery Ranch Mission Wheelie 40

If Mystery Ranch’s 3-day assault pack was a wheelie, this would be this wheelie. If you are as hard on your travel gear as I am, you will love what this bag has to offer. Get the Mystery Ranch Mission Wheelie 40 HERE.

  • Guest post by Scott