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Toad & Co Swifty Tee

toad and co swifty tee

Toad & Co is one of my go-to brands for all clothing needs, not just for travel purposes. I love their styles and healthy, non-toxic materials and versatile pieces. Their stuff lasts forever. This spring they rolled out a familiar style with a twist.  The Toad and Co Swifty Tee is a quick-dry, no-stink tee that is perfect for more athletic pursuits.

It’s made with Polygiene which provides odor control, UPF protection, and moisture wicking. It’s a cute top. I have to say, I’m completely addicted to Toad & Co’s organic cotton and tencel fabrics (which I find equally control odor) and if I had to choose, I’d go with one of their cotton tees. They’re so soft and irresistible and the Swifty doesn’t have that softness I’m used to. But this one would be a better fit for, say a day of hiking or cycling. And its very light weight and packable. So there is a place for both in your suitcase.

What to wear with the Swifty? How about these Jetlite Pants? These are ultra light, and also perfect for hiking, cycling, and walking around sight seeing all day. They run pretty true to size, true fit in the waist and loose elsewhere for me. Very cute.