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Coal Huck Lifeguard Hat: Beachy Summer Must-Have

Coal Huck Lifeguard HatSummer is almost here guys. Are you as excited as I am? I want beach. And with beach comes a lot of sunshine, so I like to wear a hat with a big brim to give me some shade. The Coal Huck Lifeguard Hat safeguards you from SPF  on those searingly sunny days. These are the types of hats you see all the lifeguards wearing on the beach because they provide excellent protection.

The Coal Huck Lifeguard Hat is cute–I love the wave patch on the front that gives the hat a pop of color and style, super comfortable, and gets the job done. I love it for SUP’ing especially with the drawcord that won’t let it blow away in a gust. It’s great for every day stuff like gardening and hanging out on a summer pub patio. It’s multi-purpose and kind of a must for summer. Find the Coal Huck Lifeguard Hat HERE.