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Nutcase Birds & Bees Bike Bell

Look at this adorable bike bell! The Nutcase Birds & Bees Bike Bell is the perfect bike accessory for spring, and that little bit of color and whimsey adds so much charm to your handlebars! I’ve never had a bell I loved as much as this one, the colors, the cute birds…pink flowers and bees… doesn’t really get cuter than that.

Nutcase bells are sturdy, well made bells with a happy chime to them. They feel solid to the touch, and will last for years. Probably forever if you don’t leave it out in the rain to rust.

This particular bell will compliment bikes of many colors, and I think it’s a prefect match for cruiser and step-thought. It’s a splash of color and fun to accessorize your bike with personality. ¬†Functionally, this bell will let people know you are there in a friendly way. It’s National Bike Month, why not treat yourself to a little bike bling? Find the Nutcase Birds & Bees Bell HERE.