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Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex Lightening Cable Phone Dock

Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex

The Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex Lightning Cable Phone Dock is a hassle-free charging cable/dock system for your car, office, and home. This brand makes the ONLY cables I’ve ever used that actually last. I’ve never had one fail me. Think about that. Other cables are pretty much disposable, I’m amazed if they make it three months. Fuse Chicken cables are wrapped in military grade nickel plated steel. Pretty impressive, huh? The tips don’t come off in your devices and there’s no fraying. They just work.

The Bobine provides an easy way to have visual access to your phone in the car, and it serves as a dock at your desk or bedside. Two stabilizer clips with adhesive backs stick to your car’s dashboard and keep the cord in place. It is compatible with your phone case too, and, unlike the wireless chargers I’ve been experimenting with, does not interfere with your pop socket (something I rely on because my phone is too big for my hand). It’s a tough-as-nails cable that you can position exactly where you need it, so you can see your screen at a glance. Find the Fuse Chicken Bobine Flex Lightening Cable Phone Dock HERE.