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Hammock Sky Brazilian Hanging Chair

We all love hammocks, right? But sometimes we don’t have the space to hang one, or it’s just not the right fit. Enter the hanging chair. All these years of hammocking and I’ve never tried the chair version–I’m loving it. The Hammock Sky Brazilian Hammock Chair offers a convenient, comfortable alternative to hammocks and camp chairs.
hammock sky hanging chair

It’s really nice to have a portable option for hanging. You can take this anywhere there will be a tree with strong enough branches to hang from. The other great thing about it being portable is that you can hang it on your porch or deck and take it down when you are done, freeing up that space and protecting the chair from the elements. You can also hang the chair indoors and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness year round.

To hang it, I used an eye bolt and one of the tree straps from an ENO Hammock I have. To hang the chair, Hammock Sky recommends a hammock strap or chain and hooks which do not come with the hammock chair. I didn’t have a chain on hand, so I tried the tree strap and it worked. I think it would have worked better with a carabiner.

The¬†Hammock Sky Brazilian Hanging Chair weighs four pounds, but holds up to 300. It comes in a matching bag that I wish had a strap to sling over your shoulder. One could probably be fashioned easily enough, but you’ll probably want a bigger carry bag, or a nylon one that makes it easier to get the chair back into when you’re done.

This chair reminds me a lot of the first hammock I ever bought in Mexico years ago. It’s unstructured, and seems to be hand crafted. You get that same soothing, floating, carefree feeling in the chair that you do in a hammock. It’s big enough to sit cross legged or to pull up to cradle your head so you can look up at the clouds. It’s extremely comforting and comfortable. My teenager loves it and prefers it to our other outdoor chairs. He likes to curl up in there and listen to music and read. It would be great in a teenager’s bedroom. If you like hammocks, you will probably like this. It comes in warm colors and cool colors–I think the warm colors have a festive look. Find the¬†Hammock Sky Brazilian Hanging Chair HERE.