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Wenzel Shenanigan Tent: Retro Teepee Style

The Wenzel Shenanigan Tent is part of Wenzel’s Tribute Collection which is a festive, retro inspired set of gear with colorful patterns and vintage designs. This is a teepee style tent, and it comes in two sizes, an eight ┬áperson, and a five person. I always say, if you’re car camping, the bigger the better and I tried out the eight person version.

I’ve never used a teepee style tent before. It’s a real simple set up with just the one pole in the center. Because of that, I think its a practical tent to take to the park for the day, especially if you have kids. They can play in the tent and take a nap. For camping, it’s ideal for summer, when you have reports expecting rain free weather. Zip windows and vents at the top provide great airflow to keep you cool. It’s eight feet in the center, so you can stand up, and there are pockets to store your stuff.┬áThe carry bag is nice and big and easy to get the tent back into when you’re ready to go home.

It’s spacious and so pretty, I’ve never seen a tent like this. I think you need the matching Butterfly Chairs to complete this look. Seriously, I get excited about design at home, why not make the campsite look beautiful too? It’s a fun tent that might make you feel like a kid again. Find the Wenzel Shenanigan Tent HERE.