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Wenzel Tribute Collection Butterfly Chair

Wenzel Tribute Collection Butterfly Chair

The Wenzel Tribute Collection Butterfly Chair is part of Wenzel’s new Tribute Collection which celebrates festive retro style and wanderlusting gypsies. It’s an affordable collection of gear meant for local pursuits, festivals, and the backyard–nothing too hardcore. Which is perfect for me because I mostly car-camp within my state and I also regularly take my gear to our fantastic local parks to hang out for the day.Wenzel Tribute Collection Butterfly Chair

Vibrant vintage inspired patterns and colors are a welcome change. I love patterns and look at the retro diamond motif on this chair. It will take you back. Also, patterns are rare in outdoor gear and if you’re a design geek like me, you appreciate setting up an aesthetically pleasing campsite. Having patterns and different styles gives you a lot to work with.

I’ve always liked butterfly chairs. They remind me of some chairs relatives had on their porch years ago, they were from the 60’s and lasted forever. It’s a comfort thing, mentally and physically. The chair sort of cradles you. It’s cozy and induces a feeling of relaxation.

Made with water resistant polyester and a powder coated steel frame that collapses and fits right into its own storage/carry bag, this chair is a bright, cheery, comfortable option for summer camping and outdoor concerts. Find the Wenzel Tribute Collection Butterfly Chair HERE.