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Hi. My name is Leah and I’m obsessed with travel and adventure. You can find me in various publications both online and in print. The Modern Travelers is where you can read about my adventures, and Best Travel Gear is where you can read about the gear I use on those adventures.

Here is how I like to travel: I either want to be in a tent, roughing it a little, or I want luxury. I can be just as happy in a yurt as a five star hotel, and I like to mix it up with activities. Cycling in a new town, hiking, horseback riding–it’s all a way to deepen the experience. My idea of adventure is attainable, nothing crazy.

I travel light when I fly, usually one carry-on and one personal item, and luxe it up for road trips and car camping. I’m always refining my process getting ever lighter and more efficient. I’m picky about my gear, I want it to function the way it’s supposed to and look cool too. I value quality over quantity and I’m always on the lookout for cutting edge gear to enhance the experience. My reviews will help you find the best gear for your adventure.

You can reach me at: